Comments from sponsors:

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to premiere your beautiful film about an extraordinary man. The combination of commentary as well as the fascinating images from a variety of sources, including the Library’s Special Collections, gave a comprehensive picture of Joe’s life and how Concord influenced him. We are thrilled that so many people viewed the film, and I hope that many more people will have the opportunity to see it.”

—Sherry Forman Litwack, President, Concord Free Public Library Corporation, Concord, MA

“The documentary is informative, visually rich, emotionally moving, and intelligently seamed together. The film really captured Joe's story and conveyed it effectively. I feel pleased and proud to have contributed to its making. Watching it was a joyful experience.”

—Leslie Perrin Wilson, Former Curator, William Munroe Special Collections, Concord Free Public Library, Concord, MA

“The film was a beautifully crafted depiction of the life of a remarkable man! It was gorgeous!”

—Marcy Bouley Eckel, Director of Development, Concord Free Public Library Corporation, Concord, MA

Comments from viewers:

“The content was fascinating and the photographs beautifully depicted the story of this civic minded, philosophical man. We truly enjoyed watching it, and we were gently educated in the nicest of manners.”

“What a life and a story! Love the historical detail. The photography, music and editing were great.”

“The video was beautifully crafted, and, while we had never heard of this man, we really enjoyed the telling of his story, the history woven throughout, and his incredible character, strength, and humanity.”

“What a wonderful documentary! So informative and beautifully presented. I really got the essence of what a sincere and compassionate man he is.”

“I really enjoyed the film and learned a lot about Mr. Joe Wheeler and Concord history. I loved the music.”

“I was delighted with this film. The filmmaker tells a wonderful story. She captured the beautiful life of a man who was so ahead of his time.”